My buddy is a huge Phillies fan who lives in DC. After Jayson Werth signed with the Nationals he got seats in right field and screamed at him for the whole game. As Werth took the field in the 6th inning he turned around to my friend and did the DGeneration-X suck it gesture, full bore. » 2/11/14 6:18pm 2/11/14 6:18pm

What if FIFA Seeded The World Cup The Way Americans Would?

FIFA is so hopelessly corrupt that today's lottery to determine World Cup round robin groups is a necessary evil. If a committee determined the groupings behind closed doors, it would surely result in political enemies being forced to face Brazil in the first round and the country giving Sepp Blatter the biggest… » 12/06/13 9:27am 12/06/13 9:27am

Agreed. When the AP reporter asked him that question he should've slapped the guy in his face and said "I have to deal with a bunch of Republican assholes who are going to send this country over the brink in a fit of pique." » 10/06/13 11:35am 10/06/13 11:35am

So I read the sex thing and there was absolutely no controversy there. You even admitted that the vast majority of hostesses did not sleep with players. You had one scurrilous accusation that a low-ranking assistant had directed them to but no evidence of organizational intent. » 9/17/13 2:05pm 9/17/13 2:05pm