I'm not a Gawker writer, I'm just a guy who does stuff for Deadspin once in a while. But the Gawker Heroes series inspired me to name my hero of 2013. And I'm going to do it by going back to the Deadspin's roots.

Deadspin was started as and still is the antidote to the smarmy, handwringing mainstream sports press. While the site has grown into a legitimate newsgathering organization (Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend! Brett Favre's flaccid wang!) I like to think that the basic ethos behind it is "sports are fun, let's have fun with them."


Which brings us to Marcus Hall. In case you've forgotten, he's the Ohio State player who was tossed from the Buckeyes' annual rivalry game with Michigan because he got into a fight. The game was in Michigan Stadium so the crowd booed him as he exited the field. He reacted thusly:


Beautiful. Let's ask ourselves a few questions:

Did he harm anyone?


Was this hilarious?

Yes. I was laughing at this for like 2 hours after it happened.

Did he capture the spirit of the thing?

Michigan and Ohio State love to brag about how they have the biggest rivalry. I'd say he did.


Was his team negatively affected?

Losing him didn't help but they ended up winning the game. I suppose you could argue that bad karma caused Ohio State to lose the Big Ten Championship Game to Michigan State the next week but you don't look like a Buddhist monk to me.


Marcus Hall embodies everything that Deadspin should stand for. It looks at the smarmy sports world and says "fuck you, this is supposed to be a game." God Bless you, Marcus Hall. You're my hero of 2013.

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